Serving the Community

Andover High Street St. Mary's Parish Church

Andover High Street   St. Michaels Church, Andover

Andover Lions Club is a Community Service Club. We raise funds locally and use the funds locally to help individuals and groups. As volunteers we are enthusiastic about making a difference and achieving Amazing things. As people we are ordinary men and women who enjoy ourselves, have fun and gain satisfaction from playing a key role at the heart of the community.

You too could become a Lion. Why not come and join us at one of our meetings or events and find out more about us. Contact us through the Contact page for further information.

If you are a Lion, and perhaps planning to visit our area, we hope that the information on our website will encourage you to contact us and pay us a visit  - because we would love to see you.

Need Help?

If you need or know of someone who needs help, please contact us (see Contact Us page). Please note that, although we will consider every request, it is not always possible for us to help.


The club meets to discuss business matters on the second Monday of each month at:

The Wyke Down Country Pub & Restaurant
Picket Piece,
Andover, Hampshire, SP11 6LX

You can also write to us there.

We also hold  dinner meetings on the fourth Monday of each month at the same venue.

Contact us at 0845 833 4329

Do you have some time to spare?

You do not need to become a Lion to help us with some of our projects such as:

or maybe join us for a social evening. You do not need to be a member you can become a Friend of Lions.